I am a Graphic Designer/Art Director/Photographer/Videographer with over 20 years of experience building and extending brands for clients like The American Museum of Natural History, GE, Snapple, American Express, Jamba Juice, RC Cola, the "Got Milk?" campaign, Golden Gate National Parks, and Vail Ski Resorts.

My experience was gleaned through working at top San Francisco agencies such as J. Walter Thompson and SF Interactive, as Creative and User Experience Lead at Fingerpaint in Saratoga Springs, NY, as Head of Creative Services at Emma Willard School in Troy, NY, and through running my own business in between.

Lending to my aesthetic are my childhood spent in northern Italy (the daughter of American artists working abroad) and my time spent in China, studying abroad as a Mandarin Chinese minor (and Political Science major) from Middlebury College.

This website represents a small sampling of my work, so just let me know if you want to see more work done for a specific medium or for a particular client vertical!