Print, Signage, and Packaging

Emma Willard School Admissions Viewbook

In 2012 I was the Design Lead on the rebrand of Emma Willard School at its agency, Fingerpaint. Since 2015 I have been doing all creative services in-house at Emma. In this role I design all marketing materials for the school, with Admissions and Advancement being my two largest internal clients. I ensure that our brand (that I designed while at Fingerpaint) is consistently presented across all media. I also take most of the photos used in my designs. This viewbook for Admissions below acts as the most important marketing piece targeting prospective students.

Head of School Announcement Tri-fold Brochure

This tri-fold brochure acted as an introduction to the new Head of School, installed in 2017.

Vision Poster

I designed this Emma vision poster to be hung all around campus as a reminder to the community of the importance of our founder’s vision. One of the things I have enjoyed most as I design for Emma is finding ways to extend the brand, one of which has been creating and then designing with duo-tone renderings of historic images (like that of our founder in this poster) and of our campus (as seen in the Commencement invitation and Installation Save the Date cards below).


Appeal for Advancement

Advancement Folding Appeal with Customized Letter Inside

Admissions Travel Brochure

Installation Save the Date Card

Differentiator Folding Piece


Installation of the new Head of School Invitation


Giving Infographic


Magazine Ad


GirlSummer Ad

Signage Around Campus